2019 Officer / Civilian Awards

1st Quarter

Officer of the Quarter - Officer Austin Ross
Civilian of the Quarter - Sara Patterson, Communications Officer

2nd Quarter

Officer of the Quarter - Officer Mark Wood
Civilian of the Quarter - vacant

3rd Quarter

Officer of the Quarter - vacant
Civilian of the Quarter - vacant

4th Quarter

Officer of the Quarter - Detective Rob Ballew
Civilian of the Quarter - Amanda Mulkey, Assistant Communications Supervisor

Officer of the Year

Detective Rob Ballew was awarded the Sherman Police Department's Officer of the Year for 2019.  During the 4th Quarter of 2019, Detective Ballew was assigned 27 cases, responded to 2 after-hour callouts, served 4 search warrants, generated 5 arrest warrants, and conducted 9 suspect interviews.  These stats clearly distinguished him as one of the top performers in the Criminal Investigations Division (CID). One example of this outstanding work involved the "day-time" burglary cases from August, October, November, and December. Detective Ballew's investigative efforts resulted in numerous cases in the North Texas law enforcement community being solved/cleared. The suspect was arrested and stolen property was recovered.

Detective Ballew does an exceptional job of staying on top of his primary duties as detective as well as participating in and excelling in extra duty assignments. He is a veteran member of the Department's Critical Accident Investigation Team (CAIT). He was also appointed to the Department's newly formed Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Program. He is also a Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) certified instructor and assisted in administering the Emergency Vehicle Operations (EVO) training in November 2019. He also heads the Sherman Police Regional Pipe Band. There were numerous events throughout the fourth quarter in which Det. Ballew represented not only the Pipe Band but the Sherman Police Department in a positive, professional manner. 

Civilian of the Year

Sherman Police Department's Assistant Communications Supervisor Amanda Mulkey was awarded the Sherman Police Department's Civilian of the Year for 2019. The Communications Center recently released several new communications officers from the field training program. In order to allow the newer employees some extra time working on shift with a more experienced communications officer, Assistant Supervisor Amanda Mulkey stepped up and made an adjustment to her regular shift for a couple of months. Her willingness to help when it likely caused some hardship in her home life did not go unnoticed and was greatly appreciated.