Sherman Public Library Charges

Library shelves

Process of Overdue Notices

Charges will be levied for material not returned on time. There is a grace period for all items except videocassettes, equipment and interlibrary loans. Fines are charged for Sundays. The first, second and final overdue notices are sent by mail. If there is no response, a letter is then sent by the Library Services Administrator. If there is still no response, a letter is sent by the City Attorney. Failure to respond to the City Attorney’s letter will result in a summons.  

Fines for Overdue Items

Library ItemOverdue Charges

Books and other items not otherwise designated

  • $0.15 per item daily, not to exceed the cost of the book, with a $10 maximum
  • $0.50 per item daily will be charged for interlibrary loans
  • Donations of items can not be used in lieu of fine payments.

$1 per item daily with a $25 maximum
Lost items or items damaged beyond repairFull cost of item and a $5 nonrefundable processing fee

For interlibrary loan charges, see Interlibrary Loan Lending and Interlibrary Loan Borrowing

Lost and Damaged Items

Purchase/Replace Item - Charges

The purchase price of the library item plus a $5 processing fee will be levied for lost or completely damaged items. The current bindery charge will be made for the dust jacket. Donations of items cannot be accepted in lieu of a payment for lost or damaged items, unless it is a new copy of the same title. In order to receive a refund, the original receipt must be presented. Refunds under $15 will be available the next day. A check will be issued on the next processing date for refunds over $15. 

Fine Payments

The purpose of fines is to keep materials in circulation. Therefore, a payment for overdue or lost items is required before other items may be checked out. Partial payment is permissible for fines over $25. Arrangements for payment plans must be set up with the Library Services Administrator. 

Charges for Other Services

Library CardsLost Card$1

Out of State$40 annually
Community RoomUse of Room During Library Hours$10/hr for profit groups, no charge for non-profit groups
CopiesPhotocopies and Printouts$0.15/page for black and white, $0.30/page for color

Microfilm/Microfiche Copies$0.15 each
Other ServicesLaminating$0.10 per running inch ($0.30 minimum) Only done on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. Must be given to us before 2 PM to be finished the same day.

Card Laminating$1 per item

Fax$1/page to send and receive