Major Infrastructure Program


     After The City of Sherman's November 2021 bid victory securing the site for a new Texas Instruments manufacturing plant, Texas Instruments will be building a 4.7 million square foot plant onto its existing property, making it the largest electronic production facility in the state of Texas and among the biggest manufacturing plant in the country. The new plant will produce 300-millimeter semiconductor wafers, something that can be used in everything from automobiles to electronics and more.

     With this new development that will benefit the entire community, the City of Sherman has been working steadily to plan, design, and build the necessary roadway, drainage, water, and wastewater projects using Greater Texoma Utility Authority bond funds while providing transparent project tracking of progress along the way. To achieve this, the City of Sherman has enlisted outside assistance with paving the road, figuratively and literally, for future growth with well-respected consultants across Texas.

     With various projects now underway to meet the needs of the necessary timeline for plant startup, the City of Sherman is anticipating the need of upward of $200+ million of new infrastructure improvements ahead of the expansion of Texas Instruments, new housing developments and other major growth. This includes millions of dollars in funding in roadway improvements, water and wastewater infrastructure, and land acquisition.

     Teams from the City of Sherman and the supporting consulting casts have also worked hand-in-hand with the City Council, Engineering Department, the Office of Management and Budget, and other city departments to establish and execute the needs for these projects.


     The City of Sherman is undertaking numerous planning, design, and construction projects over the next five years.  

     Pape-Dawson Engineers, Inc. (Pape-Dawson) provides professional services in the role of a Program Manager to help support the successful delivery of these major infrastructure projects. The main focus and thrust of program is delivering the infrastructure that is needed to support the planned expansion of Texas Instruments’ semi-conductor manufacturing facilities over the next 2- 2.5 years and thereafter as needed.  As the Program Manager, Pape-Dawson supports the City with the oversight of the Design Consultants, traditional contractors, Construction Manager At Risk (CMAR) firms and coordinate the engineering, design and construction activities on projects assigned, essentially serving as the Owner’s representative on delivery of the Texas Instruments  projects.