CDBG Activities

Demolition/Clearance Program

A program to demolish vacant, substandard structures and clear property lots which pose a risk to health/safety of low-moderate income target neighborhoods. The clearance of these lots not only addresses the problem of slum and blight, but provides vacant lots which can be utilized for new homes.

Park Improvement

A program to fund projects in parks within low and moderate income target areas, and improve ADA accessibility in parks throughout the city of Sherman, promoting general health and wellness amongst the entire community. focus will especially be to benefit those living in low-moderate income areas and those with disabilities

Program Administration

The City proposed to use the Administration funds for personnel and support for all phases of the application process, environmental reviews, fair labor standard compliance, contract management, fair housing Grantee Performance Report, preparation of annual Action Plan, Performance Report associated with the City of Sherman Five-Year consolidated Plan and Strategy, and the producing of the 10-year Fair Housing Study.

Public Services

Specific programs may vary from year to year, but the basic goal of public service allocations will allow low and moderate-income residents of the city to receive assistance for a range of services from crisis situations (such as victim's assistance and homeless shelter) to transportation services, to crime prevention in the public housing areas of the city, These services add a level of quality of life that would be otherwise unattainable for these citizens.