Office of Professional Standards

 Lieutenant John Kennemer
Office of Professional Standards Division Commander
Ph: 903-892-7148
  • Office of Professional Standards
    • Internal Affairs
    • Public Information
    • Recruiting
    • Training
 Lt. Kennemer
 Sgt. Brett Mullen 
Administrative Sergeant
Ph: 903-328-3010 or 903-892-7148
  • Internal Affairs
  • Public Information Office - The Public Information Office serves as a liaison between the Sherman Police Department (SPD), the news media and the public. The purpose of the Public Information Office is to seek a balance between permitting the free flow of information to the public and the media while protecting both the prosecution’s case and the rights of the accused from possible prejudicial publicity. Public information and positive media relations are an integral part of the operation of any public service agency and SPD is no exception.
 Sgt. Mullen
 Jarena Capps
Administrative Coordinator
Ph: 903-892-7397