Treatment Plant
The City of Sherman operates a wastewater treatment plant that serves the needs of the Sherman and Howe communities. This facility, Post Oak Wastewater Treatment Plant, is a conventional biological plant providing secondary treatment to domestic, commercial and industrial wastewaters.

Permitted at 16 million gallons per day, the plant provides physical, biological and chemical treatment for wastewater to remove pollutants, disinfect and produce an effluent which is suitable and safe for reintroduction back into the natural stream environment. Organic residuals, called biosolids, resulting from the treatment steps at the plant are currently sent to a contract source for dewatering and disposal till future development of solids disposal at the wastewater treatment plant.

Additional Information

For more information about the plant, the biosolids program, or to request Group tours of the facility; please call the Wastewater Superintendent, Nathan Whiddon at 903-892-7286.