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City of Sherman Animal Shelter

Since 1990 the Sherman Animal Shelter has worked with the community to help return lost pets to their owners and find homes for unwanted strays. Throughout the year, we take in many animals, including strays and those surrendered by their owners. The task of finding homes for them is tough. We rely on compassionate volunteers and community organizations to help get the word out. The many benefits of adopting from the Sherman Animal Shelter include low-cost spaying /neutering and the knowledge that your new pet has already received an initial vaccination against contagious diseases.

Is my dog/cat at the Sherman Animal Shelter?

If you have lost a pet, we want to help. Please call us 903-892-7255. We hold stray animals for three days before we allow adoption by families or rescue groups.

How can I adopt an animal from the shelter?

Please come by and visit the Sherman Animal Shelter to pick out your new pet. We have a minimal cost for adoption - $50 for dogs and $40 for cats, which covers the cost of a basic exam, spay/neuter and rabies vaccination.

After Hours Assistance

Our Animal Services Officers are on duty seven days a week, including holidays. If you need emergency assistance with an animal problem after hours please call Sherman Police dispatch at 903-892-7290 and request an animal services officer.


You can help us take care of animals in our shelter by walking, bathing and socializing them. Please complete the volunteer application and bring it into the Sherman Animal Shelter office. Our friendly staff would love to have an extra pair of hands!

Donate to the Sherman Pet Adoption Fund

It's easy to donate to the Sherman Pet Adoption Fund online through PayPal.  Donations are also accepted at the shelter itself, 1800 E. Ida Rd. and at the shelter's adoption trailers.