Priority Two Call

  • Any "in progress" incident that does not represent a significant threat to life or property;
  • Any felony, violent misdemeanor, or other incident that is not in progress, and exigent circumstances to not exist that would require immediate investigation, such as a burglary that was not recently committed;
  • Any non-injury motor vehicle accident that, from information received, does not represent a significant hazard to life or to the free flow of traffic;
  • Any other "in progress" or serious incident that does not qualify as a Priority Call;
  • Any suspicious person or vehicle call.

Time Limitations
Priority Two calls should be dispatched within thirty (30) minutes of the time call is received. If the beat officer is not available for reassignment, and it is not likely that they will be available within thirty minutes, the call should then be assigned to the closest available officer.

This guideline should be viewed as a desired result. It is recognized that there will be occasions when it may not be possible to follow this guideline exactly.

Beat Map