K-9 Unit

The Sherman Police Department K-9 Unit is an integral part of the police response. The police dogs that we use are specially selected animals that are purchased from U.S. based vendors.

At this time, we currently have two canines in the Unit - Officer Austin Ross and his partner, Vulp, and Officer Bregoree Anderson and his partner, Jaeger. Both canines are trained for the detection of narcotics, evidence, persons, and for handler protection.     
The police dog handler and his partner attend training for several weeks every year. During the training, the dog and handler learn to work together through basic obedience and agility. The dog is taught to locate and track human scent, search areas and buildings for suspects, evidence, and how to protect their handler. The handler learns to read and interpret the dog's change in behavior when the dog has located persons, evidence or contraband.

The K-9 Unit has proven to be a valuable asset to the Department.
2020 - Ross and Vulp
Officer Austin Ross
and partner, Vulp

​Did You Know?

Sherman Police Department's K-9 Unit is funded exclusively through voluntary donations by citizens and community members.  This is known as the PRIDE FUND.  We are looking towards the future and will be seeking out another K-9.  

If you wish to help us purchase, train, and equip a new K-9, you can enroll in a $1 per month PRIDE donation by checking the box on your utility bill or by calling Customer and Utility Services (903-892-7237) and ask to be enrolled.  Also, anyone wishing to donate anything more than $1 can make a direct donation to the PRIDE Fund at the Sherman Police Department.

We strive to bring you the best police services possible and we greatly appreciate your support!

Officer Bregoree Anderson and partner, Jaeger 
 Officer Bregoree Anderson
and partner, Jaeger