2013 Officer / Civilian Awards

1st Quarter
Officer of the 1st Quarter - Officer Tom Caver, Patrol Division
Civilian of the 1st Quarter - Sherri French, Evidence Technician

2nd Quarter
Officer of the 2nd Quarter - Officer Brandon Hughes, Patrol Division
Civilian of the 2nd Quarter - Laura Barajas, Parking Enforcement Attendant
3rd Quarter
Officer of the 3rd Quarter - Officer Talmadge Rhew, Patrol Division
Civilian of the 3rd Quarter - Jarena Capps, Administrative Coordinator
4th Quarter
Officer of the 4th Quarter - Officer Talmadge Rhew, Patrol Division
Civilian of the 4th Quarter - Judie Barnard, Evidence Technician
Officer of the Year 2013
Officer Talmadge Rhew was awarded the Officer of the Year for 2013. The outstanding work that is completed by Officer Rhew is identified by both members of our department and outside entities in the community. Officer Rhew's tenacious investigation of all of his cases, his dogged determination and exemplary initiative culminated in the arrest of numerous felony suspects who might have otherwise remained at large. He works closely with the Intelligence Section of the Department and provides information leads to the identification of thieves who had been active in the Sherman area.

Civilian of the Year 2013
Laura Barajas, Parking Enforcement Attendant, was awarded the Civilian of the Year for 2013. Laura exhibited superb initiative, attention to detail, and devotion to duty and has set an outstanding example for other employees to emulate. She addresses parking violations in business parking lots throughout the City. She also performs the duties of the City of Sherman Municipal Court Bailiff, organizes and conducts the City of Sherman auction for abandoned vehicles, performs the morning mail runs, and completes numerous other tasks as assigned. She conducts herself in a professional manner at all times, insures that everyone is treated fairly and equally, and has established an excellent rapport with merchants within the City. 
Officer Talmadge Rhew
Laura Barajas