Boards & Commissions

Collage of pictures taken around Sherman, TX, including city sign, city hall,  and Austin College

Citizen Involvement

The Sherman City Council has established a network of advisory boards and commissions to help provide a direct means of involvement for its citizens. You, as citizens of Sherman, are invited to participate and help make this program worthwhile and productive. Although some boards require special knowledge, many only require that you have an adequate amount of time and that you have a sincere desire to become involved in your community.

Application Form

The current advisory boards and commissions are listed on the left. Many will have vacant positions. If you find one that appeals to you and your interests, just complete the application form. The form can be found online or picked up in the City Clerk's Office located at City Hall, 220 W Mulberry St. When a vacancy occurs on the board you are interested in, you will be considered for appointment.


Certain boards and commissions require all or certain members to be citizens of Sherman. For a list of the positions, please click here.