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City Manager

  1. Adopt-a-Pet Challenge
  3. Lead And Copper Testing - Access to Property Form
  4. Major Infrastructure Program Contact Form

    Contact us with your concerns/questions with the Major Infrastructure Program.

  5. Tourism/Main Street Grant Application
  1. Downtown Trash Collection Survey
  2. Hot Summer Nights 2024 Vendor Application

    This application is for FOOD VENDORS ONLY. If you would like to set up a table for your business, please contact the Tourism Office at... More…

  3. Main Street Reimbursement Program
  4. Municipal Reservation

    A form to reserve the Sherman Municipal Ballroom, Kidd-Key Auditorium, or Kidd-Key Park.

Development Services

  1. Multi-Family Rental Property Violation

    Used to report a residential rental property violation.


  1. City of Sherman Hotel Tax Report
  2. Hotel Tax Registration
  1. Downtown Parking

    Request to reserve a parking spot in downtown Sherman.


  1. Request for Reconsideration of an Item
  2. Sherman Public Library Volunteer Interest Form

    Interested in volunteering at the library? We'd love to have you.

  1. Sherman Public Library VolunTEENs (September 5th, 2023 - May 3rd, 2024)
  2. SPL Teens Discord Application

    This form is for teens who wish to join the Sherman Public Library Teens Discord.