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  1. Request for Reconsideration of an Item
  1. Sherman Public Library VolunTEENs

    This is the application for teens who want to volunteer this summer (Summer 2022 (May 26 – August 1)) at the library.


  1. Community Survey on Public Safety and Law Enforcement

    This survey is designed to gather opinions and experiences from members of the Sherman community on five key components: Community... More…

  2. Crash Report Request

    Pursuant to Sec. 550.065 "Release of Certain Information Relating to Accident" the request to obtain a copy of a Crash Report is made... More…

  3. Forged Check Self-Reporting Form
  4. Off-Duty Employment Request
  5. Personal Reference Form - Dispatcher
  6. Public Information Request Form

    Citizen Request for Law Enforcement Records Only

    This form is to be used only for police-related public information requests.

  1. Compliment an Employee/Officer
  2. Credit / Debit Card Abuse Self-Reporting Form
  3. Identity Theft Self-Reporting Form
  4. Personal Reference Form
  5. Project H.E.L.P. Application

    Application information for Project H.E.L.P.