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Crash Report Request

  1. Transportation Code Sec. 550.065 requires identification of the requestor:
  2. Name of person requesting report: (Su nombre)
  3. Check all that applies:
  4. The Sherman Police Department adheres to the requirements of the Chapter 550 of the Texas Transportation Code regarding the release of crash report information and any fees charged.
  5. WARNING: Under Section 730.015 of the Transportation Code, a person who requests the disclosure of personal information from an agency's records under this chapter and misrepresents the person's identity or who makes a false statement to the agency on an application required by the agency under this chapter commits a Class A misdemeanor.
  6. Pursuant to Sec. 550.065 "Release of Certain Information Relating to Accidents:
  7. To obtain a copy of a Crash Report:
  8. 1. Request is made in writing
  9. 2. The fee for a copy of an accident report is $6
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