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If you are seeking certified court records adjudicated in the Sherman Municipal Court, please complete the records request application below. All copies of records must be picked up in person with proper ID. There is a cost of ten cents ($.10 ) per page for records. Additional fees may incur if the record response is larger than 50 pages. A court records clerk will advise you in advance of any charges related to your request. We only accept cash and money order for records. At this time we do not accept personal/business checks or credit cards for certified records. The court has 10 business days to provide your records or notify you in writing how long it will take to provide you a response.
The court does not have custody or control of police records such as police reports or incident reports. If you are seeking police records you will need to request that from the police department. This court only has court records for cases adjudicated with this court or signed by a Municipal Court judge in their capacity as a judge or magistrate for the City of Sherman. Requests for records adjudicated in a different court will need to be requested from the court that adjudicated the case.
If you are a government agency requesting information, DO NOT submit a request by web. Please call 903-892-7295 for further instructions.

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